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Home Office Ergonomics


When you’re trying to self-isolate, home ergonomics is often the last thing you think of… until your body begins to protest!


Here are some handy tips and tricks to help with your home set up!



  1. Have a set place of work: try to have one place of work that is separate to other spaces in your home. This becomes your dedicated work space.

Handy tip: Try to avoid working from your bed, floor or couch if you can.


  1. Have a good chair: Try not to have a chair that is too firm (i.e. kitchen chair) or too soft (i.e .couch)


Handy tip: Try to add a pillow for some support behind your back or underneath you


  1. Have your feet touching the ground: try and have your shins perpendicular and thighs parallel with the ground.


Handy tip: place a box or book under your feet if the chair is too tall, OR place a pillow underneath you to raise yourself up


  1. Computer/ monitor position: Your eye height should be around the top of the monitor/computer.


Handy tip: Place the monitor on a stand or stack of books etc.


  1. Key board: Try and have an external key board and mouse, have it in a position where your wrists are gently placed and elbows are relaxed between 90-120 degrees.


Handy tip: You can get some keyboards fairly cheap on ebay


  1. MOVE!!! No posture is good posture when it is maintained for too long! Try to get up and walk around every 30 minutes if possible. Include so basic stretching to give relief to the dominant musculature.


Handy tip: grab a coffee, go to the bathroom, have water or your phone placed away from you (if possible) so you have to get up!


Hope these tips help! Please feel free to give us a call if you need any help with your work set up!


By Chantelle Bailey – Physiotherapist