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Exercises'S ARCHIVE

  • One question we commonly get asked in the clinic is ‘is there a good exercise for a ……. (dancer/swimmer/runner etc)’. The simple answer is no there’s not. The people we work with are so individual and exercise selection is never a one size fits all situation. There are so many other things we analyse and […]

  • First and foremost it goes without saying that the most important thing when it comes to developing a perfect handstand is practicing the handstand itself along with appropriate regressions, progressions and drills. Even top level gymnasts and acrobats take years to develop this skill and spend countless hours a week maintaining it. In addition to […]

  • In part 2 of our video series we take a more in depth look at exercise interventions and progressions for medial knee pain in dancers. We also address the issue of keeping the dancer active whilst rehabbing knee pain as often their rehearsal and performance schedules simply do not allow rest. Topics covered: 00:06 – Exercise […]

  •     In this video series by our Exercise Physiologist Sami Gurdon we examine the unique issues faced by dancers that can result in medial knee pain and discuss how this can be rectified with an appropriately constructed exercise intervention. In dancers we find that the development of medial knee pain is usually caused by […]

  • Talent Development – Lisa Campbell

    By starttraining | In Education, Exercises, News, Videos | on January 17, 2018

    Within athletic performance there are two main models for talent development; the deliberate practise model and talent recycling. It’s interesting that both can yield world class athletes, but what are the benefits and downfall of each? The deliberate practise model is based around the idea of early specialisation (Goncalves, Rama & Figueiredo, 2012). It specifically […]

  • Snatch

    By starttraining | In Exercises | on January 10, 2017

    Snatch is a complex olympic lifting movement that incorporates overhead stability and large lower body muscle recruitment for power production. It’s a crucial exercise for upper and lower body coordination and motor unit recruitment at higher velocities. It is important for athletes that require fast twitch muscle fibres and muscle recruitment at high speeds in power […]

  • Overhead Skull Crushers with Thoracic Extension

    By starttraining | In Exercises | on December 3, 2016

    DB Skull crushers with thoracic extension is a unique exercise to encourage segmental stability through the thoracic spine. It’s also crucial in the strength development of the clavicular pectoral fibers. This exercise is very important for athletes working into overhead extension such as pole vaulters.         • Lying on back, glutes tight, […]

  • Bird Dogs

    By starttraining | In Exercises | on November 26, 2016

    Bird Dogs is an exercise that develops lumbo-pelvic stability and encourages greater integration of upper and lower body myofascial chains. It is an excellent exercise for athletes that require crossbody action or rotation such as rowers or swimmers.       ● On hands and knees ● Brace core ● Raise alternate arm and leg […]

  • Upper Abdominal Crunches

    By starttraining | In Exercises | on November 18, 2016

    The importance of strengthening abdominal musculature carries great value from a functional point of view. The upper abdominal crunch is one that is crucial in supporting the rib cage and providing segmental stability through the thoracic spine. So, as a result, it’s perfect for athletes who work through triple extension in exercises such as power […]

  • Archer Row

    By starttraining | In Exercises | on November 11, 2016

    Archer row is an exercise that develops rhomboid engagement compounding with thoracic rotation. Scapular instability is common in both an athletic and a work based setting. Archer row is a great exercise for encouraging good muscular engagement and improved recruitment patterning.         1. Kneel on one knee 2. Position band above shoulder […]

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