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  • This article examines the adverse affects of having restricted range of motion in joints and advises on alternative ways to address them other than just the stock standard batch of static stretches found in many programs. Developing an understanding as to why your athlete is so tight or mobile then tailoring their strength and flexibility programs around this can produce profound results and can also make skill execution far easier.

  • Today’s article is going to examine one of the most common and also one of the most preventable injuries we see in Gymnastics – the Lumbar Stress fracture. Gymnasts are at an increased risk of developing lumbar stress fractures due to the excessive volume of lumbar extension and rotation coupled with the repetitive nature of the sport and high volume of training required.

  • Non specific medial knee pain is a fairly common ailment experienced by a wide variety of clientele. We find that there are a few distinct differences when dealing with knee pain in general populations compared to when dealing with dancers. In general populations we find that medial knee pain is more likely to be related […]

  • Rehabilitating a Hamstring Injury

    By starttraining | In Education, Uncategorized | on March 21, 2018

    Hamstring injuries are very common across all sports. They can be frustrating for athletes as they are associated with a long rehabilitation time, while also having a high re-occurrence rate, normally within the first 2 to 4 weeks after returning to sportsĀ 1, 2. The time away from sport and exercise can be long and frustrating […]

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