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    By starttraining | In Education, Videos | on February 5, 2019

      ESSA ACCREDITED SHOULDER COURSE! 7.5 CPD POINTS! Are struggling with shoulder rehab? The shoulder is one of the toughest joints to program for due to it’s large range of motion and inherent instability. If you are interested in understanding the shoulder from and anatomical and functional point of view then book in for our […]

  • In part 2 of our video series we take a more in depth look at exercise interventions and progressions for medial knee pain in dancers. We also address the issue of keeping the dancer active whilst rehabbing knee pain as often their rehearsal and performance schedules simply do not allow rest. Topics covered: 00:06 – Exercise […]

  •     In this video series by our Exercise Physiologist Sami Gurdon we examine the unique issues faced by dancers that can result in medial knee pain and discuss how this can be rectified with an appropriately constructed exercise intervention. In dancers we find that the development of medial knee pain is usually caused by […]

  • Important ACL Rehabilitation Facts

    By starttraining | In Videos | on January 19, 2018

    ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) rupture is the most common major knee injury in football. Rehabilitation and prevention related to re-rupture are extremely important. End stage ACL rehabilitation from reconstructions should be programmed according to your chosen sport.  Seeking advice from a qualified health professional is highly recommended. Check out the video below

  • Talent Development – Lisa Campbell

    By starttraining | In Education, Exercises, News, Videos | on January 17, 2018

    Within athletic performance there are two main models for talent development; the deliberate practise model and talent recycling. It’s interesting that both can yield world class athletes, but what are the benefits and downfall of each? The deliberate practise model is based around the idea of early specialisation (Goncalves, Rama & Figueiredo, 2012). It specifically […]

  • Hydrotherapy

    By starttraining | In Videos | on October 17, 2017

    Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic therapy, is a specialised modality of exercise that is performed in a heated therapeutic pool. The varying properties of water are used to benefit the client by enhancing exercise capabilities, and by increasing the ability to modify the intensity of movements. The buoyancy of the water allows improved movement and […]

  • Single Leg Exercise Selection

    By starttraining | In Videos | on September 17, 2017

    Exercise selection can be difficult when trying to deliver various results. In both rehab and strength and conditioning there are a multitude of exercises we can use to target various programming goals. It is important to understand why we would select a single leg exercise (unilateral) compared to a double leg exercise (bilateral). The first […]

  • Will Holland START Training

    By starttraining | In Videos | on September 15, 2017

    Get to know Will Holland our Exercise Physiologist completing his introduction video at START Training. Explaining his role within the company, while discussing his areas of focus. Will’s specific interests are strength and conditioning for team sports, with special focus on soccer, and working with adolescents.  

  • Power Development 3.0

    By starttraining | In Videos | on August 2, 2017

    Power Programming/ Power Development 3.0 Following on from power development 1.0 and 2.0, this video looks at the practical application of power programming. When an athlete is moving into a power development phase, it’s important to consider 3 main things: Force output vs. ROM Vertical or horizontal plane Time Frame When programming for power development […]

  • Strength for Runners, Jumpers and Throwers

    By starttraining | In Videos | on July 18, 2017

    This video by our Senior Exercise Physiologist Lisa Campbell explains the importance of strength for runners, jumpers and throwers. Strength and conditioning in track and field is often quite reactive especially through adolescence. There are 6 main points we look at when track and field athletes come in for strength and conditioning. Pelvic Stability Force […]

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