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Fostering an Active Childhood for an Active future

Fostering an Active Childhood for an Active Future As of 2019, 1 in 4 Australian children aged 2-17 were considered overweight or obese. The World Obesity Federation predicts that up
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How to Deal with Injury as an Athlete

So as part of our job as exercise physiologists we work really hard to try and keep athletes injury free. This comes in many forms, specifically education around recovery strategies,
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Movement is Key

Movement is key. The statement says it all, however I feel it may be beneficial to elaborate just a little more… We as health professionals can sometimes get caught up
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Why Load is Key during an AFL Pre-Season

As the off-season nears a close, many Australian Rules Football clubs across the country will commence their pre-season. One reason pre-season exists is to develop the physical qualities required to
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For a full time dancer it’s often hard to know how to approach a long rest period and find the perfect balance between allowing the body to rest and recover
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Calf Tightness in Runners

Calf Tightness in Novice Runners Calf tightness in novice runners is something we see quite commonly in the clinic. It’s important to remember that when you first start running there
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